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FOREST.BET a Pround eSports Company

We are making big strides to improve our website as fast as possible, for you, the players. The best odds in the market, the craziest casino in the scene, the most competitive matches live! Only here on FOREST.BET you can experience true gambling with no worries of limitations or closed accounts. Tune in to our eSports radio for...

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Dota 2 FOREST.BET eSports betting guide

This is the FOREST.BET special Dota 2 betting guide made for upcoming eSports gambling enthusiasts. This is an introduction for beginners who have little to no knowledge or experience about Dota 2 and it's rules. There's loads of Dota 2 tournaments through-out the year, this is why there's always betting lines that are open for...

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FOREST.BET CS:GO betting guide

Here's a quick guide for those who want to start CS:GO esports betting. We offer a unique market for the CS:GO betting community. There's plenty of knowledge found here even for the most experienced betting enthusiasts. Find some information about the most competitive yearly tournaments in CS:GO as well. We'll see you on the fr...

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Esports Bookmaker

We are eSports betting company

We offer the latest Best eSports odds for most competitive games. There are lots of bookmakers, but we like to think that we have the absolute best odds in the industry. We stand out with the lowest margins and a simple betting system.

What betting lines do we cover?

We offer bets for CS:GO, Dota2, LoL, Starcraft 2, Overwatch, R6 and HeathStone. Our betting lines consist of: match winner, map winner, handicap betting and many more. We cover the best events that deserve attention, basically, those are events that have a lot of betting opportunities for our customers. You will find new events every day.

Why is FOREST.BET exceptional?

Bet online to make your predictions into real money. We believe that betting enhances the spectators’ experience. FOREST.BET is open 24/7, meaning you can bet anytime. We deliver the fastest information for your matches. Instant payouts after the outcome of the match. Live betting with an integrated twitch screen.

We love eSports and betting gives the live events more viewership, so we want to expand the industry as a whole. More people betting = more people watching and enjoying events. Since the interest in eSports is growing we can only go up with our future vision. No BS just 100% payouts on our customers winning bets.

We are in a pact with eSports that’s why we are expanding our eSports social media, our website, eSports news, and our other media channels.

We guarantee:

  • Best Odds
  • No limit policy
  • Successful player welcome
  • Most popular deposit and withdraw options
  • Professional service
  • Security and confidentiality
  • Payments on successful bets
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