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  • orrgook €7.00
  • ChasMas €5.67
  • trumphot €0.28
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  • friedital €8.73
  • cercomed €2.26
  • sablinkapro €0.30
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    Roulette is a French word which literally means "little wheel", not a very unique name, but all the casinos around the world can't imagine itself without an old Roulette game. The mixing red and black colors while the wheel is spinning has this magical feeling of excitement. The sound of hitting ball waken up the kid in you who is willingly gazing to the ball finding its place in the wheel.

    Online Roulette

    To play European Roulette you don’t need to visit the casino anymore, you can enjoy the real-time feel of online Roulette game. Great graphics, sounds and game effects, all on your smartphone, tablet or computer. The rules of the game are the same as in a real life casino, the dealer spins the wheel. The only difference that in online live Roulette the software takes care of everything.

    Game of Chance

    The major role plays chance in the form of a Roulette wheel and betting grid. European Roulette wheel is numbered from 1 to 36. The game is very easy you just need to pick a number and then place a bet on the table. Then virtual Roulette dealer spins the wheel and if the ball stops at the chosen number or color - you win.

    For online Roulette you don't need any skills or special knowledge you can win a bet by luck or chance. Don't lose hope because of lost bets, this game is for entertainment and a great way to enjoy winning small, but real money. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. So place your bets today and have some fun while doing your daily tasks.