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Esports or Electronic sports are organized competitions where players and, or teams compete using multiplayer video games. Professional eSports athletes and, or teams contend for a prize and a title. These competitions can be regional or even global and they are extremely competitive. These types of competitions spark eSports betting interests.

eSports are very similar to traditional sports, there are rules and similar infrastructure. The industry is booming and the viewership together with the player base is rising now more than ever. There is a variety of eSports, the most common ones are MOBAs, FPS, Strategy and Battle Royales. eSports betting is even similar to sports betting.

The frontrunners would be MOBAs (Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas), they have the largest player base. Two are most dominant in the scene, League of Legends and DOTA 2. League of Legends is currently more popular than DOTA 2 in terms of player base and viewership, however, DOTA 2 has the largest eSports Tournament in the world, The International. This annual event has the biggest prize pool and it’s funded by the players. The bookmakers release amazing eSports betting odds for tournaments like this one.

Next is First-Person Shooters (FPS for short). CS: GO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive) is hands down the famous eSports FPS game. It’s probably the most viewed eSports around the globe, with 212 Million hours observed in 2018. Counter-Strike has a long history and loyal fans, the franchise has been through multiple changes over the years, but kept the same simplicity, this is why CS: GO is so amusing to watch. Less known eSports titles are Overwatch and Rainbow Siege Six. FPS games are so popular among eSports betting fans.

Then there’s Strategy eSports, they revolve around Turn-Based Strategy and Real-Time Strategy. Hearthstone is a Turn-Based strategy card game and Starcraft 2 is a Real-Time strategy eSport Video game.

The latest eSports genre is Battle Royal with popular titles like Player Unknown’s Battleground and Apex Legends. This new implementation in eSports is a different approach to how we watch tournaments. Players are put on a map with almost endless possibilities and variations to play the game and there can be one champion. Betting on these eSports lets you pick a potential champion that you can cheer for, while watching the fast-paced battles.

Since more people are able to access the internet, those prize pools will rise over the years. As technology evolves and more people are able to access the internet, eSports betting is to evolve as well. In 2017 the audience was around 340 million and by 2021 there should be around 560 million viewers. Each year there is an average increase in viewership by 15%.

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