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Our CS:GO betting lines have only the best odds with the lowest margins. Bet on the main match lines, maps, handicaps, pistol rounds and many more. We accept real cash with multiple deposit options. CS:GO betting made simple, after a deposit you can place a bet with just 3 clicks and enjoy the match on the official FOREST.BET website with our twitch screen implementation.

It’s now been 20 years since the first implementation of Counter-Strike and the latest edition of the FPS genre is now more popular than ever with IEM Katowice Major reaching over 1 million peak viewers. Other larger events manage around 350,00 average spectators.

Since the game is so fast-paced and action pact, yet simple, it attracts players and fans, and eSports betters from all over the globe. Old players feel nostalgic as the game still includes the classic maps and guns with the same gameplay, only more modern, but the game still gives off the old school vibe. As for the new viewers, the game is easy to understand and enjoyable to watch, since the mechanics are quite clear.

CS:GO is highly competitive and very enjoyable to watch it’s a perfect eSport for people who like CS:GO betting. Tournaments happen globally all year round with various investors on every corner, the market is becoming something of a giant, and in the future it’s only meant to grow. Stadiums are filled with people who cheer for their favorite teams and players, just thousands of fans and their emotions.

Betting on eSports is a large industry and CS:GO betting is a major portion of it. Since the nature of the game is highly competitive and strategic, it will attract multiple chances to analyze the situation and make some big bucks out of it. FOREST.BET covers the best events and has only the best odds in the market.

Odds will be available soon

Currently there are no events running for CS GO