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Overwatch Bets

Overwatch Betting Options will be available soon

Overwatch is a multiplayer First-Person Shooter developed by Blizzard entertainment. The game has become huge in the eSports scene, but it didn’t start like this. The first tournament was hosted only 2 years after the game was released. It was hard for the viewer to understand what’s going on in the game. After the minor changes and implementations, it was a success, the Overwatch World Cup of 2018 peaked over 250,000 viewers.

Understanding the team composition and how the teams play is the key to winning Overwatch bets. FOREST.BET offers match winner, handicap and map betting for Overwatch events. Compared to other eSports betting lines this is a little meekly, but the game is still fairly new and in order to have more betting lines the game needs time to improve.

Overwatch has become a major hit in the world of eSports, if the game is to rise then it’s going to catch up with the largest titles. Since this FPS is changing and new mechanics and heroes are being added, it might get more attention in the future. If there are more investors then the tournaments are sure to get more viewership. That will be the time for the best Odds to shine.

Of course FOREST.BET will follow any eSports changes and we will have updates on our official website. Alongside the best odds with the lowest margins for eSports. We believe that Overwatch betting has a bright future, as it still has a young competitive scene that is sure to evolve into something unique.

Odds will be available soon

Currently there are no events running for Overwatch