HearthStone Esports

Blizzards Card eSport

In HearthStone eSports two opponents face each other with a unique hero that has a special ability and a 30 card deck. The goal is to strategically beat the opponent’s hero. Winning matches and completing in-game quests gives the players rewards in the form of new cards and other in-game prizes or one can use gold, or money to buy card packs, to customize and improve their decks.

Blizzard reported that they have more than 100 million players and HearthStone eSports is popular. Tournaments are hosted by Blizzard and other organizers with cash prize pools. In 2014 the HearthStone eSports World Championship was hosted with a prize pool of $250,000, first place received $100,000. Another popular tournament among the HearthStone eSport is GrandMasters, players from three regions — 16 each from the Americas, Europe, and Asia-Pacific — are chosen based on lifetime earnings, competitive points, and other criteria.

HearthStone Tournaments

All cards cost a certain amount of mana, a budget each player must preserve, which increases by one each turn with a maximum of ten. This initiates strategy as the player must think ahead, taking into account what cards can and cannot be played. HearthStone eSports viewership reaches some high numbers with minor tournaments reaching 50k average viewers and major tourneys like world championships gain up to 350,000 spectators.

FOREST.BET offers main betting lines and handicaps for HearthStone eSports. We believe that HearthStone eSports has a unique scene that people can observe. It was released in 2014 for windows and mac, but later that year they adapted it for mobile. You can compete against other players in your region on any supported device.

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