Owerwatch Esports

Highly Competitive eSport

Overwatch didn’t start as an eSports focused game, but it was designed to be highly competitive and only after 2 years after the game’s release the first tournament was held. Overwatch has 2 main leagues OWL and it’s minor, Contenders.

Overwatch is a six-versus-six team-based first-person eSports shooter video game. In Overwatch eSports there’s quite a few maps that are played. The main goal of the team is to work together to defend or attack based on the map. Control maps are played in a best-of-three format. The team that captures a control point gains a map point.

Must-Watch Maps

Then there are Escort maps, an Overwatch eSports favorite. These maps have a payload that one team must escort and the other must prevent the payload from reaching the checkpoints, in total there are 3. When the payload reaches the 3rd checkpoint the attackers win if the attackers run out of time the defenders win.

Assault maps have two objectives A and B, the attackers must capture these objectives and the defenders must not allow their subjugation. Hybrid maps are a mixture of Assault and Escort maps, after capturing objective A one team escorts the payload and the defenders must, once again, prevent the attack.

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