R6 Esports

Environmental Freedom

Rainbow Six Siege is a first-person shooter game based on the theme of Terrorists vs Counter-Terrorists. In the game, people choose a different operator from the Rainbow team. Each operator has different nationalities weapons and gadgets. Most of the gameplay is based on real-life historical examples of the counter-terrorist operations. This adds some spice in the R6 eSport scene.

One of the most important R6 eSports elements is environmental destruction, this makes the game look realistic and opens up a lot of potential for the players. The environmental destruction mechanics gives people so much freedom with how they play the game. Players can destroy walls or shoot through them and do damage.

Game Of Operators

R6 is a team game and selecting the right operator can be as much crucial as the teamwork. This is why this game is a great hit for eSports. There are quite a few tournaments hosted for R6 eSports but the most popular ones are Pro League and Six Major. Both of these get over 250.000 viewers on twitch.tv and the game has been gaining more attention with time. In future events, the numbers are sure to rise.

FOREST.BET offers a variety of betting odds for R6 eSports. R6 is a fairly new game, it was released at the end of 2015. At first, the game had a lot of problems and bugs, but after a short time, the developers fixed it. Now the R6 eSports is quite popular and is really fun to watch, currently there have been over 45 million user registrations across all platforms. This number will surely rise in the future.

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