Best eSports Odds & Lowest Margins

And what are margins in general?

We offer low margins on important events and matches like finals, where the last teams compete to decide who wins the whole tournament. The margins on important events range from 2.5% up to 6%.
The margins on less important events or lines are 7% or less.
How to know what margins are on the lines you want to bet?
For example odd on a line that has 6% margin look like this 1.88x – 1.88x, if this line had 0% margin the odds would be 2.00x-2.00x.

What is a margin?

A margin is a percentage of the payout that the bookmaker takes.
Its how bookmakers make money of the bets customers place, the higher the margin the more money the bookmaker makes, and the less money the customer wins.
High margins are considered to be anywhere from 6% up to 10% or more, but anything more than 10% is considered to be theft in our eyes.
However low margins are considered to be anywhere from 1.5% up to 5.5%.

Having the lowest margins in the market also means we have the best odds on the market as well. We make our odds from analysing statistics to the minor details.

Best eSports odds guaranteed!

Here at FOREST.BET we guarantee best odds!
We offer best eSports odds not only on a good day, it’s how we work, we thrive to deliver the best we can to our customers, and gambling enthusiasts, or even professional gamblers.
Best odds combined with lowest margins we offer makes FOREST.BET the best website for gamblers!
We look at our competitors and weigh out the best eSports odds to offer for fair gambling.

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