Handicap Meaning

Handicap Betting

The definition of handicap betting is quite simple. This type of bet is the process where a bookmaker turns a sporting event with varied odds into an even-money contest. This happens by giving an advantage or disadvantage to certain competitors in order to even them out.

Usually, handicap betting is used in points-based sports like football, basketball, tennis, and of course eSports.

How Does the eSports Handicap Betting Work?

To explain how the eSports handicap betting works, let's take Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Game (Team A) is the team considered as a favorite in the game, and that’s clear from the odds. The handicap here is -4.5 for (Team A) and +4.5 for (Team B).

In other words, the (Team B) start the match with +4.5 rounds advantage. So to win the handicap match (Team B) need 12 rounds. On the other side, (Team A) starts the game with -4.5 rounds.

Handicap betting work in a similar manner in relation to the format of the match.

If its Bo3 (the first one with 2 wins is the winner), one of the teams starts with +1 map win. So to win the match, the other team need 2 straight wins, while the team with +1 need only one map.

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