Successful Players Welcome

Welcome to FOREST.BET!

Here at FOREST.BET we don't limit players because of their success, in fact we don't limit them at all!

We are happy when our customers win!

What do we mean by limiting?

Limiting players, and or accounts is a way gambling websites secure themselves from losing too much money when successful players start to win. We do not take these actions as it promotes illegal activities.

When you start winning on a gambling website, you might get limited, so your withdrawal limits might be increased, your account might get suspended or your maximum bet amounts might get reduced, making your stay at the website unpleasant.

Keep your freedom, stay with FOREST.BET

  • The safety of your account. You will not get suspended just because you are winning often!
  • No account limits. We will not place limits on your max bets, other than the ones that are set on match odds!
  • We do not limit success. Even if you win a lot, you can be sure that your account is safe from bans or limits.
  • While betting on FOREST.BET you don’t have to go through the hassle of limitations, or any uneccesary ID checks, we promote freedom for the use of our services.

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