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Live Bets will be available soon

Live eSports betting is the most popular type of betting. You can add a spice of thrill while watching your favorite eSports matches. FOREST.BET offers a unique betting experience, with a live stream on the website and low margin odds.

Betting is deep in the roots of human history, however, people could only bet before the game and bet again on another round, but they could never bet in-action. This is why bookmakers decided to create a system so that people could have a much better betting experience, now the punters could make extra wagers during the game, based on the state of the match.

There has been a rapid expansion in eSports viewership over the past 10 years. There are hundreds of millions of people watching eSports from the comforts of their homes. FOREST.BET believes that the market has a lot of potential and we want to innovate and be progressive with our product.

First of all, to be successful at eSports Live betting, one must understand the game he wants to bet on. All the rules, teams, players, game mechanics. Not to mention noticing who’s playing in their best form, who’s not performing well, if the teams or are the players executing tactics without compromise. Every little detail must be noticed by the better because outplaying the bookie is not an easy feat.

Live eSports betting is a space where you battle one against one with the bookmaker. It’s where the one with more knowledge and a better understanding of the situation triumphs. Due to the nature of live betting, there are opportunities to make a lot of money and to enhance the viewers' experience.

Now we see Live eSports betting being accepted 95% of the match and those who see the future work out the ultimate odds. The punters can out-smart or notice the flaws in the bookies' actions and make a quick buck. Capitalizing on bad Live eSports betting odds is a better tool. If the bookmakers make a mistake it’s a perfect opportunity to profit.

Using the cash-out option can be beneficial, if you bet on Team A, who’s winning and you understand that the tables are about to turn and Team B is going to come out on top, it’s better to risk less and try to make a smaller profit, than to risk everything for the chance of a larger return.

Live Bets will be available soon

Currently there are no live events.