Skyrocket your profits with Bitcoin gambling!

When it comes to gambling, privacy is important. That's where betting using Bitcoin as a currency comes in handy. Using Bitcoin to top up your account is simple, yet hardly traceable. We do not require your account verification of any kind. Simply top up your account using Bitcoin and start the thrilling online casino experience!

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Top up your online casino account using Ethereum crypto currency

Ethereum is still one of the dominant cryptocurrencies in the market. From now on, you can deposit ETH to top up your gambling account's balance. It is a fast, anonymous, and simple way to start earning your money by placing your bets on the most popular e-casino games. Deposit and withdraw Ethereum coins at Forest.BET with ease.

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How to deposit Cardano coins and start gambling?

Cardano makes it possible to earn money not just by trading. You cannot mine Cardano cryptocurrency, but you can double or triple your trading profits by gambling at our online casino. Use Cardano coins to play our unique games like crash, roulette, slots, and other provably fair games. And don't miss out on our bonuses system too!

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FOREST.BET a Pround eSports Company

We are making big strides to improve our website as fast as possible, for you, the players. The best odds in the market, the craziest casino in the scene, the most competitive matches live! Only here on FOREST.BET you can experience true gambling with no worries of limitations or closed accounts. Tune in to our eSports radio for the latest eSports ...

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Dota 2 FOREST.BET eSports betting guide

This is the FOREST.BET special Dota 2 betting guide made for upcoming eSports gambling enthusiasts. This is an introduction for beginners who have little to no knowledge or experience about Dota 2 and it's rules. There's loads of Dota 2 tournaments through-out the year, this is why there's always betting lines that are open for gamblers to enjoy.

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