After Almost 3 Years Valve Has Released Operation Shattered Web

November 19, 2019

Valve Delivers

A new Counter-Strike: Global Offensive operation has been released, almost 3 years after the operation Hydra. The new operation is called Shattered Web and with its debut came lots of new implementations and changes.

Firstly Valve implemented new Agent skins, now people can equip skins on their characters. All the Agents have a rarity meter and there are Master Agents which, have special voice lines and animations. Currently, you can only get Agent skins from the operation missions, but in the future Valve will probably release something like a loot create for various Agent skins. Let's hope that Valve did their homework and we won't have any hit-box bugs with the new skins.

Speaking of new skins. Valve introduced a bunch of new weapon and knife skins. Starting with the Shattered Web Case which gives you a chance to claim on the 4 new knives. Paracord handled field knife, the Survival, the Nomad and the Skeleton knife. There's 2 new AWP skins that have been released just like the Medusa and Dragon Lore. The Gungir and The Prince.

Battle Pass Format

With the new operation also comes new weekly missions. These missions give you rewards if you have purchased the operation battle pass, which costs €12.99. Though the missions themselves are free. Most of the missions can be done with friends, so no need to grind, you can just have fun!

New maps were discharged for various game modes, including Lunacy for the Flying Scoutsman, Jungle for Danger Zone and Studio for Scrimmage and the Casual Sigma map group.

Now in the end-screen players will get a call-out for their performance in the game. Assists, Kills, MVPs, ADR, Grenade damage and much more!

Competitive Balancing

Probably the most important update for competitive play was the long-awaited SG553(Krieg) nerf. It now costs $3000, which was the original price. Though this weapon is strong not because of it's price but because of the impact it can provide in a round. Now that the players are more familiar with the gun, this nerf just won't be enough and it's still going to be one of the most popular picks on the T-side. The FAMAS and Galil have both been buffed in terms of price and accuracy. FAMAS burst spray was also fixed. Now these guns are in the price range of SMGs, but with the accuracy buff it's a sure second round buy for both the T's and the CT's. Though, the MAC-10 can still be a great choice for farming $.

This Update overall was probably the largest one in a long time. It's nice to see that Valve is putting in more time into the competitive giant of eSports. The game needs to change so it doesn't become stale to watch the eSports matches. The pro teams that will adapt the fastest are sure to have a lead in the next Major.

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