Crypto betting is now live on FORESTBET!

January 07, 2020

It’s my honour the announce that now we will accept Crypto payments on our website. The eSports gamblers are mostly gamers and they are interested in new technology. Crypto currency is with us since 2008 and it’s now more popular than it ever was. Here’s a quick guide how to start betting with Cryptocurrency.

For those who are new to Cryptocurrency, there’s a few steps involved before you can start betting. Firstly you’ll want to purchase some Cryptocurrency, let’s say Bitcoins. But to store them you need a wallet that can receive bitcoins in exchange for fiat currency(Euros, USD, Pounds). Browse the internet to find yourself a Cryptocurrency wallet that you prefer.

Purchasing Crypto

Once you have a wallet, secure your Bitcoins using private keys, you should write them down, as they are very important. Once you have a secure wallet just purchase a wanted amount of Bitcoins from a Cryptocurrency exchange. Again there are plenty of them, you just need to register and verify yourself. Then you are free to top-up your wallet.

Depositing Crypto

Firstly, you need to register to FOREST.BET. Then you need to go to your profile and choose the Deposit section. Select the Cryptocurrency icon, enter the wished Deposit amount, then press the button “MAKE DEPOSIT”. You will then be redirected to the Cryptocurrency exchange merchant. There you can chose which Cryptocurrency you wish to pay with. After that you will get a payment address. When the payment is done and is valid, you’ll be redirected back to FOREST.BET with your balanced topped-up with fiat currency.

Betting with Cryptocurrency

After making a deposit you can now start betting. Betting with Cryptocurrency is simple just find a match that you wish to bet on and place your bet. Also you can check our casino section, where you can play some fun games and win cash.

Withdrawing Cryptocurrency

Making a withdrawal is really simple, just go to profile section, choose withdraws, select withdraw Crypto, enter the wanted amount, your password, the bitcoin wallet address and that’s it. Cashing out your winnings is effortless.

Why Crypto?

Well Cryptocurrency is anonymous, so you can bet on eSports matches, live lines, casino, tournaments in secrecy. This is an ample way to keep things private. Only the merchants and the bookmakers will need to verify your identity, but either than that you’re safe and secure. Cryptocurrency doesn’t have a lot of regulations right now, but in the future as it gets more popular, we might see changes. But right now it’s one of the finest methods to fund your eSports betting account.

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