CSGO - Map Changes! Dust 2, Mirage and Train

January 30, 2020

On the 29th of January Valve released a few changes to the current competitive CS:GO map pool. These new changes aren't that major, but the players will have to make detrimental adjustments to their game-play.

Dust 2 SkyBox

The biggest change for sure was made to Dust 2. The update opened up the skybox from B halls towards the site. Before you could only throw nades through the tunnel of from mid. Now the T-side will have an easier time setting up nades and taking the site. While the CTs will have a harder time defending the site, but it's going to be more opportunities for re-taking.

This will have an enormous effect in pro play. Since if the Ts would take the B site, the round was lost most of the time, as re-taking B was almost impossible. So this is an amazing change overall.

Mirage The Bench

Valve didn't stop there and they added a few changes to Mirage. The first and the most controversial one is the bench in mid, allowing players to peek catwalk or solo boost to window. This change helps CTs if they rush mid through window to get a quick kill on top mid. But if the Ts take mid they control the map much easier then before. As they can peek short for an easy kill or jump to window.

Other changes on the map include a wider entrance for the Ts on mid, blocking a jump-peek from middle of B site to catwalk and also a wall-bangable spot from palace to close corner on A. Good luck in non-prime matchmaking!

CT Sided Train

The last tweak was made on Train. The skybox separating Ivy and a Site has been opened up, giving the T's more chances to set up nades on A site. Then they added some visual and minor bug improvements.

All in all these minor changes should improve the overall quality of the maps, some think that these 'modifications' shouldn't have been made, but the majority of the community agrees to these updates. We'll just have to wait and see.

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