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November 07, 2020

What is Dota 2?

Defense of the Ancients 2 (Dota 2) is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game developed and published by Valve. The game is a sequel to Dota, a community-created mod for Blizzard Entertainment’s Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos and its expansion pack. 

The rules of Dota 2 are similar to that of League of Legends and other popular MOBA games. Players can play with a random group or join matches with their own team. Each team is composed of five players. There are currently over 100 available heroes that players can select. Players will typically choose the hero that they play best and also fits their team’s strategy. 

Matches take place on one standard map with three lanes that lead to each team’s base. Enemy units, known as “creepers,” will spawn at each base and travel along each path to the opposing base. Players will need to kill the creepers to earn XP and gold. XP is used to level up a hero, so they become stronger and gain new skills. Gold is crucial to have during a match because it allows team members to purchase items that strengthen their hero. 

Players win matches in Dota 2 by destroying the enemy team’s Ancient before they destroy yours. Dota 2 strategies can get quite complicated, so understanding the game is useful when placing a bet.

Betting on Dota 2

Dota 2 is one-of-four main esports that make headlines in esports news today. Some of the biggest prize pools and viewership occur at Dota 2 events. Esports Insider reported that Dota 2’s DreamLeague Season 13 was one of the most-watched esports events of 2020.

The “Major Championships” is Dota 2’s biggest tournament of the year. These events happen yearly and feature the best Dota 2 teams around the world. Dota 2’s competitive league, the “DreamLeague” happens year-round and provides teams with an opportunity to climb through the ranks. 

Dota 2 matches are also hosted at major competitions such as ESL One, BTS, and BLAST Premier. Online calendars for Dota 2 matches will provide you with the days and times for upcoming competitions. 

Dota 2 competitive matches are live-streamed through major video platforms. Twitch and YouTube are two platforms where you can watch these matches on. The official Twitch and YouTube channels for Valve, Electronic Sports Leagues, and Dota 2 broadcast these matches. 

Watching Dota 2

The way a team wins in Dota 2 is by destroying the enemy team’s Ancient. To destroy the Ancient, players will discuss team builds, hero skills, and attack strategies to outwit their opponents. 

Since there is one standard map in Dota 2, all competitive teams should be familiar with its layout and terrain. Pro teams will focus more on utilizing their hero’s skills and team-based tactics while also using parts of the map to their advantage. 

Terminologies that teams and casters use during Dota 2 matches can become difficult to follow. A bettor should understand the basics of Dota 2 and its key terms so they can make informed decisions. Some important terms are listed below, and you can find more on Dota2Freaks. 

CD: cooldown

Proc: something that happened randomly through the game software and is not the fault of the player, such as a random amount of damage

Nuke: focusing damage on a specific hero

Junking: performing movements that irritate the enemy or avoid skill-shots

Skill-shot: a spell that takes skill to hit

OOM: out of mana

Throwing: a person or team who is constantly losing or no longer wishes to try to win

Jungling: killing the enemy creeps in the jungle part of the map to farm XP and gold

Farming: killing creeps to harvest gold in order to purchase more items

Harassing: inflicting a lot of damage to push an enemy hero away 

Understanding the odds

Certain bets are offered for Dota 2 and other major esports leagues. Some of these types of esports bets are as follows:

-Money-line bets

-Outright bets

-Accumulator bets

-Special bets

-In-play bets

Some sportsbooks will offer exclusive bets for Dota 2 matches. These bets align closer to Dota 2 rules, gameplay, and possible outcomes. 

Best of matches

Best of matches involve betting on the team you think will win a certain number of rounds. 

Best-of-1 (BO1) - One team wins one match

Best-of-2 (BO2) - One team wins two matches or a 1-1 draw

Best-of-3 (BO3) - One team wins two matches

Best-of-5(BO5) - One team wins three matches

Bet on the winner

Bet on the winner is straightforward, you bet on who you believe will win a match. You can predict who you believe will win a single match or even an entire tournament. Bets can also be placed on who you believe will win a single round of a match. Asian handicaps may also be available, which removes the tie result from a bet, giving you a 50% chance of winning. 

Other types of bets

Some other types of Dota 2-exclusive bets that you’ll see pertain to a specific amount of kills or killing a certain NPC. 

First Blood - Betting on which team will score the first skill of a match.

First 10 Kills - Which team will reach a total of 10 kills first.

First Roshan - A Roshan is a strong neutral creep that both teams can kill to gain a power advantage. This bet is for who will kill the Roshan first. 

Round Duration - A bet to determine the total time duration of a match round.

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