FunPlus Pheonix Sweep G2 To Claim Worlds 2019 Championship

November 11, 2019

After a full month of LoL worlds, the trophy was lifted by FunPlus Phoenix in Paris. They became the League of Legends world champions of 2019 after defeating the European team G2 in a quick series 3-0.

This was the second year in a row that LPL claimed the world's title, FunPlus Pheonix also denied the grand slam for G2. With this they secured China's dominance in the scene.

G2 were considered the stronger team heading to the final, but they seemed powerless against the LPL's first seed. The games were swift and coordinated, G2, unfortunately made too many mistakes and so FunPlux Pheonix came out on top.

The Chinese team success story is a rare sight, most of the players are young talents and they play a very unique style for which they were criticized. However, when they lifted the trophy and were talking with the host, they said that they wanted to prove that they are a strong team and are strong as individual players as well.

This team was created at the very end of 2017 and they played with their original rooster in 2018, the results weren't so amazing at that time so they brought in a new jungler Gao "Tian" Tian-Liang and a mid laner from South Korea Kim "Doinb" Tae-sang. With this new rooster, their 2019 year was incredible with a win rate of 90%.

Well, it's safe to say that they proved that they are players fitting the title of world champions. They received a hefty prize of $835,000, but this sum is sure to rise after Riot has counted the money added from player purchases. Last year the prize pool was $6,450,000 and this year it should break this limit.

Out of 24 teams, one claimed the title, while the others also gained some money for qualifying in this spectacular eSports event. The rest of the teams shared 72.5% of the prize pool according to their place on the rankings.

In the interview FunPlux Pheonix players said that it wasn't their skill that won the grand final but the mistakes from the opposing team. So only time will tell if China is the strongest region or it was their unique playstyle that won the championship.

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