Gambling Tax Free Countries

November 21, 2019

The best countries for gambling

Gambling is heavily regulated in the world, in some countries casinos have to pay up to 90% tax from the profit. In some countries gambling is even illegal, but where it's legal there are various rules and regulations imposed on the casinos and the players. Sometimes even the player must pay taxes on their winnings. But now we have to talk about the countries that don't impose tax on the players.


The United Kingdom is a gambling giant, the country is filled with land-based casinos and there's thousands of online casinos, they have their own licence that almost every country can use. Casino operators pay 2.5-40% of their gross revenue and the players are free of tax.


If you are in Austria you don't need to pay tax for your winnings. The tax is payed by the casino operator, it doesn't matter if a casino is land-based or online they pay 35-80% of all steaks placed in Austria.


Italy is a great place for gamblers, doesn't matter if you're a player or a casino operator. Since 2006 casinos only have to pay 1% of their revenue and the players are free of taxes.


Gambling has been popular in Belgium for around 700 years and online gambling was legal since 2002. This is one of the few countries that does not tax gambling at all. Meaning that the players don't pay for their winnings and the casinos don't have to pay tax as well. However, the companies must pay a yearly fee for their gambling licence.


Taxing in Bulgaria started in 1998, but no tax is imposed on the player, yet again. The casinos pay a yearly fee for their casino and they pay fixed taxes for table games.


Australia has a few decade long gambling history, but yet again the players can play tax-free, but the casinos have to pay their taxes. The percentages and types of tax are different in parts of the country.


Online gambling is legal in Finland and the government doesn't forbid to play outside the countries borders. Though there's one casino that works in Finland, they pay 8.25% in taxes and the rest of the profits are donated to charity

Czech Republic

Online gambling is legal, players don't pay taxes for their winnings, the casino operators have to pay 6-20% tax from their winnings.


Casinos in Malta have to play a €46,000 licence fee and they have to pay a 15-40% tax of their winnings. Though, the country is amazing for player, as they don't have to pay any taxes for their winnings.


The danish don't have a lot of casinos, but the players don't have to pay any taxes for their winning. Though, the casino has to pay a large portion of their winning, 45-75%.


Gambling has been legal in Canada since the early 1900s. You don't need to pay tax in either online casinos or land-based casinos and Canada is full of them.


Another country that the casinos has to pay for the licence and another contribution if they own a land-based casino. Online casinos are legal and people once again don't pay any tax for their winnings.


This is the country that taxes casinos 90% of their gross revenue, though the players are not taxed.

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