HLTV Best Player 2019 Predictions

December 09, 2019

Year of Consistency

2019 is coming to a close and there's only 2 tournaments left. This year was beautiful and a total of 23 S tier CS:GO tournaments took place through-out the year. The amazing thing is that not one team really stood out, at least 5 teams were consistently showing dominance in the tournaments. With the year ending it's almost time for the HLTV best player of the year award and this time it's going to be really close.

Best of 2019

We think there's 4 players that are going to be competing for the trophy. The nominees that are most likely to claim the HLTV best player award are Aleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev, Nicolai "device" Reedtz, Mathieu "ZywOo" Herbaut and Jonathan "EliGE" Jablonowski. It's difficult to say who's going to take first place, but we can make predictions.

First-Rate Nominees

Firstly s1mple, he was chosen as the best player last year even though Na'Vi weren't dominating he was performing across all boards, so far that was the best year in his whole career. Though s1mple didn't perform as well this year all of his stats are still above average and he's still a tough contender, however, this year there's a bit more competition.

Last year device took second place in the HLTV rankings, though he's won 7 MVPs just in 2018 and his team was dominant through the whole year. He just needed to pump up his individual stats to be first. In 2019 he had a lot of MVPs as well, though his stats have dropped since last year. As we all know Astralis is the most consistent and most feared team. So device has a lot of chanced to take the HLTV reward.

Then there's ZywOo, he was phenomenal, in 2018 he was picked up by Vitality and 2019. We predict that he's the one to win the HLTV best player of 2019, though his team doesn't win a lot he performs individually across the board, winning insane clutches and just making plays after plays. ZywOo was in his prime this year and right now a lot of people are considering him to be the best Counter-Strike player right now and no wonder, mechanically he's a beast. It doesn't matter what weapon he picks up he's going to be scary on the map.

Last but not least is EliGe, he has a shaky start to the year, but later on he started destroying everyone, together with Team Liquid they dominated for a good 3 month and won most tournaments. EliGe was definitely a powerhouse behind the teams performance, he stepped up against Astralis in the finals during ESL season 9. During this year he received 3 MVPs and together with his team they won 5 S tier tournaments in 2019.

These are the 4 contenders that are most likely to win the HLTV best player of 2019 award. These are the players that showed us the most consistency through the year. We all loved to watch them perform and of course may the best man win!

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