How to deposit Cardano coins and start gambling?

November 25, 2021

Cardano makes it possible to earn money not just by trading. You cannot mine Cardano cryptocurrency, but you can double or triple your trading profits by gambling at our online casino. Use Cardano coins to play our unique games like crash, roulette, slots, and other provably fair games. And don't miss out on our bonuses system too!

Depositing your Cardano coins to our gambling website is simple. You need to Sign Up for a new account or Sign In using your existing account. 

Then, navigate to the deposit page and select your preferred deposit amount equivalent in euros. We will calculate the transaction amount based on the latest Cardano market price. Simply enter your preferred amount and click the "Make a deposit" button 

Please note that the minimum amount you can deposit for the Cardano coins to be available is 50+ euros.

You will then be redirected to our payment provider's page. At first, it will show you the default BTC payment option. You can change your preferred currency to Cardano by clicking the "Change currency" button below:

Simply select Cardano from the list and complete the steps needed to proceed with the payment. Your funds will be processed shortly and you can start earning your money by placing bets on our online casino gambling games. Good luck playing!

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